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Of course, you can also use Bridge Payday here and apply for a cash advance loan online. Now the current loan offer in the online credit comparison with credit comparison & credit computer is safe! Take an online loan or take it to a bank branch. How long does it take to process my loan application? Depending on how long the loan should run, the installment amount changes significantly.

How long does the processing take when I apply for a loan from a well-known benchmark online? Scotland (Finance, Online Credit)

I would like to apply for an online loan that was tested and rejected a year ago. In my opinion, this was due to the fact that the rental prices for the apartment were queried because my private credit institutions value is in order. So if I earn almost 1000 EUR as a part-time employee and then have to give 800 EUR in the rental information, I will of course not receive any credit, even though I do not even count the rental costs out of my salary.

With increasing duration, it becomes cheaper.

With increasing duration it becomes cheaper.

Normally you have to spend a higher interest rate on a long-term loan. Of course, this rule does not apply to the Bemeg. With the “Easy Online Loan” of Bemeg you can easily enter the desired loan amount and the desired repayment period. As an example, you will be shown that you do not have to pay processing fees, but have to pay an account maintenance fee.

From the loan, interest and account maintenance fee, depending on the bank’s internal loan interest rate (which is also shown to you), the effective interest rate relevant to you as the borrower and the total repayment amount are calculated. The starting point is the usual consideration for loans: how much can I repay myself in one calendar month (including interest)? How many months will I be free from debt again?

As a rule, a form of “natural credit law” is used: the longer the loan runs, the higher the overall burden. Bemeg PSK’s “Easy Online Loan” removes this “law of nature”: a longer-term loan is cheaper than a short-term loan! With a loan of EUR 7,200 and a credit period of 23 months, you receive a 15.0% annual effective interest rate and a total fee of EUR 8,161.09.

If the deadline for otherwise identical premises (loan amount, no credit check) now runs for another calendar month to 24 calendar months, the annual effective interest rate is only 8.5% and the total cost drops to 7,773.60 E. This means that you have 387, Save EUR 49 in interest income to make up for the fact that you will only pay off the loan after 24 weeks instead of 23 weeks.

After 2 years (or 24 months) the loan rate is then “only” 6.5%. The story is not over yet: with a credit period of 38 days, the nominal borrowing rate is 4.71%, compared to just 3.58% for 60 weeks. The interest rate does not fall below 3.50 percentage points, even if the deadline is 10 years. Always have some different loan calculations set up, in which you also vary the loan target.

It is possible that your credit will be much cheaper.