Although there is still a winter weather outside the windows, travel agencies have already started promoting holiday trips for the 2017 summer season from the beginning of the year. First minute offers, you can count on large discounts, which you can only dream of a few weeks before the holidays. So if you want to spend your summer vacation in one of the most beautiful corners of the world and not spend money on it, you should book your vacation or trip now. You don’t have cash for that now? You can use the quick payday loan for holidays.

You have to hurry, because more and more people are willing to go on holiday

You have to hurry, because more and more people are willing to go on holiday

It is widely believed that the cheapest trips and vacations are offered as part of last minute offers, i.e. several days before departure. For some time, however, this trend has been changing and just before the holiday season there is a very small number of free hotel beds in the most fashionable holiday destinations in Poland and abroad. The reason for this is simply greater interest in traveling, resulting from the improvement of the financial conditions of Polish families (500+ program). According to research carried out by Mondial Assistance in 2016, the number of Poles planning to go on vacation increased by 1.8 million people to the previous year! It can be assumed that this year’s interest in the holiday trip will be at least the same or even greater. It means one thing – holiday offers will sell like hotcakes!

Don’t miss the first minute offer – up to 40% discount on holidays!


The largest travel agencies today tempt with attractive promotions, offering summer trips in the middle of winter for up to 40% less . To take advantage of the promotion, you must hurry, because the offers are limited in time. Discounts apply primarily to the most popular European resorts, among others in Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the Canary Islands. Especially recommended this year: Sicily, Albania, Sardinia, Cuba and Madeira, considered the most fashionable directions of the 2017 season. You can choose from traditional holidays as well as trips that allow you to visit the most interesting places in a given country. The sale of holiday offers in Poland has already started – among them are primarily holidays on the Baltic Sea, Masuria and Polish mountains.

Instantaneous vacation – take cash and get holiday deals!

Instantaneous vacation - take cash and get holiday deals!

The cheapest holidays abroad can already be bought today for several hundred zlotys from one person for 7 days of stay, although there are also offers for several thousand zlotys. The most expensive ones usually apply to high standard hotels and all inclusive packages. In each case, there is now a unique opportunity to buy summer holidays up to several dozen percent cheaper. In May and June prices will certainly not be as attractive. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year not everyone has the right amount of cash, because a lot of money was consumed by Christmas and winter holidays. Meanwhile, to take advantage of the best holiday offer, the decision should be made immediately and immediately deposit money. In this situation, you can simply take a holiday loan, e.g. a loan with loan companies. You can get it immediately and even have money on your account in 15 minutes , which you can immediately use to buy a holiday at a promotional price.

Check promotional offers of travel agencies now and don’t miss the best deals on cheap holidays! Loan companies will help you make your summer vacation dreams come true – only with us can you get up to PLN 6,000 and travel to the most beautiful place on Earth!