Having a cottage can be a relief. You can feel nature, and the fresh air is something that always gives a good mood. It can, however, be a great financial task to buy your first holiday home regardless of whether it is in Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

On the whole, wherein the country or abroad it is located. The problem is the same, namely the financing of the payout or the purchase.

However, if you have found the right house, the interest base can help with this. We can either help with a loan for the payment of all costs, or we can help you with a loan to pay out.


How much can be borrowed for a holiday home?

How much can be borrowed for a holiday home?

The interesting base can help with loans of up to 300,000 without security. Whether you choose to use this to buy a smaller house, or whether it chooses to use it as a payout on something far greater is entirely up to you. We do not interfere with what you buy or how you buy it. As long as you have a healthy economy and can pay the fixed installments on your holiday home loan. Then we are happy.

If in 2 who want to buy something together, you can, however, search as 2 separate persons via the interest base. In this way, it is possible to create a total loan of up to 600,000, – However, it requires that both have a strong financial backing and can cope with the costs that will be imposed on you both.


Loans for holiday homes in Sweden or on rented grounds?

Loans for holiday homes

We have nothing against it if you want to buy a house or a small cabin in Sweden. It is entirely up to you, as we will not take security in what you buy. The same applies if you buy something that is built on a rented property.

Your situation around the house, place, conditions, etc. will not affect your application when you apply for a loan for a cottage via the interest base.


Good resources on holiday homes

Good resources on holiday homes

A great place to find and buy a new cottage when your loan has been completed could be.

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